A collection of projects that I work on during my leisure time to keep my frontend and backend development skills up-to-date.

My Games

A few games that I made (with the exception of Slime Volleyball which I just modified).
Triangle Solitaire
A simple, single-player game similar to checkers in which you must move diagonally or horizontally in order to jump over and remove all of the balls and leave just one ball remaining in the end. Can you do it? The most advanced players can end off where the game begins.
Slime Volleyball
Play volleyball as a slime guy. This game is a port of the Java game by the same name which was mostly coded by Jonathan Marler.
A timed flashcard game in which each person has a limited amount of time to get others to guess the word or phrase shown on the screen without saying the actual word.

My Online Tools

A few small web apps that I made in my spare time.
Big It!
Make any text as large as possible on the screen.
Encrypt and decrypt messages instantaneously using an uncracked encryption method that I created.

My Development Resources

A few resources that I wrote to keep track of cool solutions.
CSS - Cursor Types
A list of different cursor types that exist in CSS.
JavaScript - JSON To XML
Convert from JSON to XML and from XML to JSON.
JavaScript - Text To String
Convert any text to and from a JavaScript string.

My Other Sites

A collection of other websites that I have created.
Chris West's Blog
JavaScript, math and much more.
Design and download your own custom JavaScript utility library.
YourJS Console
Test out your own JavaScript code in this embeddable JS console.