Random projects all by Chris West.
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Ciphly – Top Programming Resources Feb 20, 2018
at 8:08AM

If you want to either look for the top programming resources on the web or add your link, visit the brand new site The Top Sites You Want To See! This new site allows you to see the top programming resources by language and category (library, documentation, etc.). Scoring Is Driven By Visits & …

Search Engine Using Google Sheets Jan 14, 2018
at 8:10PM

Have you ever wanted to make a simple search engine? There are plenty of ways to do it. One way that I have been using in my simple search engine for a while is leveraging Google Sheets. Creating Your Own Google Sheets Search Engine Here are a few simple steps that I used to make …

JavaScript Snippet – Remove Duplicate Characters from Strings Jan 6, 2018
at 11:18PM

If you ever need to remove all duplicate characters from a string you can use this snippet which takes advantage of how the String.prototype.replace() function works along with regular expressions: Feel free to use this function in your code. Happy coding 😎

Easy Gradient Buttons for Bootstrap v4 Dec 23, 2017
at 12:44AM

I just started a job that is using Bootstrap v4. I’m happy with the functionality but I miss having a not so plain looking button. Here is the CSS code I am using to add easy gradients on my Bootstrap v4 buttons: .btn { background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(255,255,255,0.5), rgba(255,255,255,0.2) 49%, rgba(0,0,0,0.15) 51%, rgba(0,0,0,0.05)); background-repeat: repeat-x; …

Responsive YouTube Embed Dec 11, 2017
at 10:56AM

YouTube URL Replace the URL below with whatever YouTube video’s URL you want to make responsive embed code for. Embed Code You can select and copy the code below to embed this responsive video in your site. Example Embed If you resize the window you will see the video change in size according to the …

JW.ORG Languages Aug 22, 2017
at 7:37AM

As of today, has content in 908 languages! You can check out the latest statistics yourself below:

Web Audio API – Controlling Audio/Video Loudness Aug 22, 2017
at 6:10AM

After my previous post about getting more volume with the Web Audio API , I decided to look into controlling the loudness of audio tags and video tags in a more straight-forward (prototypal) way. That’s when I came up with the following JS prototype: Prototypal Functions The following are all of the methods associated with …

HTML5 – Getting More Volume from the Web Audio API Aug 17, 2017
at 11:50PM

Did you know that thanks to the Web Audio API it is possible to boost the volume up PAST 100% on <audio> tags & <video> tags? I wrote the following function to do just that: The above JavaScript function gives us the ability to amplify (or boost) the volume of a media element well above …

Parse Bible from Watchtower Online Library In JS Console Aug 11, 2017
at 3:52PM

The following is a function that I wrote to parse the Bible found on the Watchtower Online Library: Aftering copying and pasting the above code into the JS console while visiting any page within the Watchtower Online Library, you can run the following code to actually parse the entire Bible: Of course, due to the …

JavaScript Snippet – Select Text In Any Element Jul 15, 2017
at 6:11PM

The following function takes one arguments, an element, and selects the text therein: Happpy coding! 😎